The Corona outbreak and the emergency regulations recently promulgated in order to stop the spreading caused many businesses to be closed and to stop any or almost any operation (accommodation, restaurants, passenger aviation etc.) while many other industries significantly slowed down in their activities. Many businesses have found themselves with no income at all or with a significant decline in their income, making their operations not profitable. Many legal questions are raised: are we facing a Force Majeure event?? What does it mean if it is a Force Majeure? does it mean that one can be free from all of its obligations? Or part of them? What can be done immediately to minimize major expenses such as manpower and rent fee? What about other engagements such as commitments to purchase certain quantities of merchandise?

Our firm provides advice on the Israeli regulations in connection with the Corona outbreak to all our clients, local and foreign, in order to assist them to successfully navigate through these uncharted waters and cross the challenging period that we experience.