Banking and Insolvency

Receivership, Liquidation and Automatic Stay

Adv. Hanit Nov has been handling insolvency proceedings for over 20 years, including restructuring, receivership and liquidation, and she is considered one of the top attorneys in this field. In these proceedings, the firm’s team has represented and represents, among others, Bank Discount, Bank Hapoalim, Bank HaBenleumi and Bank Mercantile – Discount, as well as developers, contractors and other commercial corporations. Adv. Nov is appointed by the court as a liquidator, trustee during stay of proceedings, special administrator and receiver, at the request of the banks, the Official Receiver of Israel, the Tax Authority and other commercial corporations. These proceedings, in which Adv. Nov has been involved, even included public companies and shelf corporations (renewal of operations), representing creditors in receivership, liquidation and automatic stays, as well as managing and handling companies in financial difficulties (and subsidiaries) abroad and selling their assets and operations, including selling and liquidating assets abroad. The firm’s activity in this field is consistently ranked by various ranking guides (BDI, Dun’s100) as a leader in this field. Adv. Nov also serves as a member of the Corporate Liquidation and Restructuring Committee of the Israel Bar Association and lectures on these subjects in seminars and conferences held by the Israel Bar Association and seminars for court employees.

Among the most well-known cases that our firm handled was appointing the receiver for Modu; creditor arrangements for Green Computers Group, including selling the shelf corporation of the Green Group and the Yitzhak Tshuva Group; appointment by the Official Receiver as an office holder in Katz Infrastructure Industries, Ltd., in order to sell its shelf corporation; handling the receivership of Gazit Shacham and its subsidiaries; handling the receivership of Rosh Indiani and the public company Toffer; handling the receivership of New-Pal Textile; handling the receivership and selling of the Carlton Hotel Nahariya; handling the receivership of companies from the Food Club Group and selling them as part of a stay of proceedings; sale by way of arrangement of North Mall Nahariya; handling the receivership of Ronen Wolf, Ltd.; handling the receivership of companies from the Source Group; liquidation of the construction company T.M.M. Structures; handling the receivership of Sami Burekas; handling the receivership of Kaplan Meat Distribution; handling the receivership of the DataSafe Group; handling the receivership of the infrastructure company Eyal Ben Shachar; handling the receivership of the Trek It; handling the receivership of Lagna (Angel); handling the receivership of Pereg Industries; handling the receivership of Wizcom; appointment as special administrator of Bikur Cholim Hospital on behalf of the Official Receiver; representing Bank Discount in creditor arrangements and asset liquidation proceedings of Dorea; representing Bank Discount in the stay proceedings of Maariv Group; managing the stay proceedings of Avco Systems Integration; representing Bank Discount in the liquidation proceedings of Fore Group and the receivership of Negev Textile; representing Bank Discount in the stay proceedings of the New Central Station of Tel Aviv, and more.