Labor law advice and representation

Our firm’s department of labor law handles all of the issues and disputes that our clients have in regard to work relations. Among the many services offered by our firm, we provide ongoing legal consultation for departments of human resources, CFOs and controllers and officers on organizational work relations, specific issues, such as continuity of rights and prohibition on discrimination in the labor market, organization-wide processes, such as employee benefits programs, option plans, MBP’s, and advice in connection with the rapid changes in the legislation and laws in this dynamic field. The department of labor law also represents the firm’s clients in the labor courts on a regular basis. The Labor law department played a major role in the preparations of our clients to the Coronavirus outbreak.

By its very nature, the department of labor law operates in synergy with the rest of the firm’s departments and often participates in transactions or judicial proceedings of a wider scope. For example, our firm’s labor law department is involved in mergers and acquisitions, due diligence assessments or advocating in other judicial proceedings that interface with the field of labor law.

Due to the dynamics of both legislation and regional labor court judgments in this field, our department of labor law is in constant contact with the firm’s clients in order to help them comply with the legal requirements of human resource management within the organization. Among our clients in the field of labor law are companies from all market sectors, from construction corporations to high-tech companies. Our department of labor law also specializes in the restaurant business and has many clients in this market.