Commercial, Civil and Administrative Litigation

Our firm specializes in commercial and administrative litigation. Adv. Naggar-Snir leads the litigation department and specializes in handling complex litigation cases. Adv. Naggar-Snir has a wealth of experience in appearing before all judicial forums and representing clients in a wide range of arbitration proceedings and commercial disputes, as well as administrative proceedings, including administrative appeals, with a specialization in tender law. In addition, Adv. Naggar-Snir has extensive experience in banking trials and representation in judicial forums as part of various insolvency proceedings and she represents creditors and office holders on behalf of the court in these areas as well, which our firm handles on a regular basis. Adv. Naggar-Snir has been leading and managing cases for over 12 years before all judicial forums, including precedential cases where fundamental case law was established by the Supreme Court. Our firm is consistently ranked as the leading boutique firm in terms of litigation by the BDI ranking guide.

Among the cases recently handled by our firm in terms of litigation:

Derivative suits and disputes between shareholders, including representing majority shareholders in discrimination suits and derivative suits, representing majority shareholders in a dispute between the shareholders of a leading security firm, representing an office holder in a public company as part of a derivative suit; managing complex civil-commercial claims; representing creditors and office holders on behalf of the court in insolvency proceedings, including as a part of appeals proceedings in the Supreme Court and, inter alia, representing the receiver of an industry corporation in the proceeding where the well-known precedent on ownership retention was established in the matter of Vita Pri – HaGalil; representation in administrative appeals on matters of tenders, including motions for interim injunctions in governmental ministry proceedings (Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Defense); representing developers and contractors in serious disputes over large-scale construction and infrastructure works; representation in class action lawsuits in the District Court and the Supreme Court.