High Tech, Life Science and Venture Capital

Our firm provides its clients in this field with thorough and comprehensive legal consultation, including in unique matters specific to this industry. We utilize our experience not only to ensure that the legal matters faced by our clients are handled with quality in mind, but also to promote the status of our clients on the business front. We regularly advise on these matters to developers, investors, startup incubators and accelerators. Among the many services on offer, we provide our clients with full and creative coverage on matters relating to the capital raising of high-tech companies and how to finance their operations. The firm handles investments and acquisitions carried out at all stages of a company’s life-cycle, from early stages through late capital raising stages.

Our clients are engaged in a wide range of industries, including automotive, IT, Fintech, IoT, AI, Cleantech, software, Cybersecurity and data protection, life sciences and more.

The transactions and operations performed by our firm on a regular basis in this field encompass all stages of development, from inception to exit:

Entrepreneurial Stage – Consultation to entrepreneurs regarding incorporation, how and where to incorporate and the founders’ agreement between the entrepreneurs themselves; Raising Capital – Our firm handles seed-stage and advanced SPA agreements, including carrying out and/or assisting companies with due diligence assessments; Agreements with Startup Incubators and Chief Scientist; Regular Consultation – We specialize in preparing and conducting negotiations pertaining to the company’s ongoing operations, such as VAR, OEM, Joint Venture, distribution, manufacture, agency and so forth. In addition, our firm closely advises companies abroad, including on the operations of foreign related companies and with foreign attorneys. Technology and Intellectual Property – License agreements, technology transfer agreements, escrow, etc. The firm works closely with few leading firms in Israel in the field of intellectual property in order to accompany clients throughout the process of registering and protecting intellectual property (patents, trademarks, logos, etc.) in Israel and abroad. Human Resource Management – Employment agreements, relocation, employee stock options, work visas for foreign experts in Israel, etc.; Investment Realization – Our firm is there for companies and shareholders who have reached the stage of realizing their investment, whether by selling the company or its assets (Asset Purchase Agreement, M&A) or through an IPO.