About Us


The law offices of Nov, Kesner, Snir & Co. is a boutique firm recognized as a leading firm by its clients and ranking guides alike.

The firm employs attorneys with a high reputation and extensive experience in various areas, including insolvency, receivership and liquidation, civil-commercial and administrative litigation, corporations, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and urban renewal, high-tech and venture capital, taxation and labor laws.

Among the firm’s clients are leading corporations, Israeli and foreign banks, high-tech, cleantech and biotech companies, contractors and developers, popular chains and brands, and more.

Providing its clients with first-rate and professional service has been the cornerstone of the law offices of Nov, Kesner, Snir & Co. since its inception. Modern age business environments make it imperative that attorneys possess a clear understanding of business and act faster than ever before, and accordingly our firm is distinguished by its quick and flexible thinking, which is essential to achieving optimal solutions for our clients.

Every client, case and transaction is paired with a dedicated team of attorneys that will handle the professional requirements and the client’s needs effectively and in the best possible way. The firm’s successes in the judicial proceedings and transactions it has handled are testament to there being no substitute for professionalism, creativity and determination.

The majority of our clients have been with us for many years and benefit from personal and unmediated attention from the firm’s associates and employees, as well as dedication and a very high degree of interpersonal skills, and the firm’s employees and its clients also enjoy a pleasant and friendly environment, an important element in the nature of our firm.